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Κατηγορίες Online Αιτήσεων

Κατηγορίες Online Αιτήσεων
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Issuance of key number & receipt from DOU

Unemployment application for subsidized unemployed

Application for settlement of overdue debts

OAED Program Application for a subsidized job

Application for Out-of-court mechanism debt settlement

Extraordinary financial assistance to the long-term unemployed

Article 5C` A 1087/15.04.2021 - Special method of taxing income from salaried employment and business activity

Article 5B of Law 4172/2013 recipients of pension income arising abroad

Article 5A of Law 4172/2013 - For taxpayers who wish to invest in Greece

We undertake to respond to your tax related queries - €200.00 + VAT /per hour

Annual subscription of non-residents (Gold Package)

Annual Subscription of non-residents (Premium Package)

Annual Subscription of non-residents (Basic Package)

Freelancer - Individual Business without VAT

Freelancer - Individual business with VAT   

Farmer of normal status 3-month subscription

Farmer of special status annual subscription

Transfer of tax residence to the competent tax office

Attribution of Greek TIN (tax identification number) and personal code number [a special key (“Κλειδάριθμος”)] of a natural person

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